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This guide is intended to answer many questions that new users have. If you have any additional questions we’re happy to help.

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Newbies Guide

New to the electronic cigarette world? Wondering what an electronic cigarette, or “vaping” is? We’re happy to provide answers to these questions and others.

What is an electronic cigarette?

What is an E-Cigarette?
The electronic cigarette has many nicknames: it can be known as an “e-cig,” “e-cigarette,” “personal vaporizer,” “PV,” or “nicotine vaporizer,” just to name a few. It consists of a battery, a heating coil or "atomizer," and a mouthpiece. The liquid, or "e-juice," makes contact with an internal heating coil and vaporizes, and air flow from inhalation delivers flavored nicotine in liquid form into your lungs.

What's the hype about?

In our opinion? It's a better alternative to traditional cigarettes. To us, vaping is just better-tasting, better-smelling, and just plain fun and enjoyable. It can produce tons of vapor, rendering it more pleasurable than smoking traditional cigarettes—all while controlling the amount of nicotine you take in. There’s no smoke, no ash, no mess. It can be cheaper than cigs, unless you go crazy buying up all those fancy mods and RBAs. It has become a hobby for all of us.

What is in eliquid?

What is in "e-liquid?"

E-liquid, (also known as vapor liquid, e-juice, smoke juice, or flavors) consists of food-grade liquid flavor concentrates, food-grade propylene glycol, food-grade vegetable glycerin, and, if requested, nicotine.


Is "Vaping" safe?

The Vaper's Knoll cannot tell you, for sure, that vaping is "safe." We can say that, contrary to popular belief, nicotine is not the cancer-causing agent in cigarettes. A two-year study on lab mice found there to be no harmful effects of nicotine by inhalation, when given in its pure form. If nicotine were the culprit in cigarettes, we’re pretty sure the FDA would never have approved any NRT gums, patches, or inhalers. Nicotine is still poisonous when ingested in large quantities so be sure your e-liquids are used properly and kept out of reach of children.

Where do I start?

Where do I start?

We suggest you begin with our Starter Kit, and then pick up some liquid. For suggestions: If you like fruity, try Schnozzberry, Rob's Peaches, or Dumber Juice. If you like sweet, try PON PON, Trick-or-Treat, or Cracked. If you want tobacco, try Rodeo Red (full flavor) or Rodeo Blue (menthol).



What is the VG/PG Ratio?

“VG” stands for vegetable glycerin and “PG” stands for propylene glycol. Typically, the higher the VG, the more vapor. However, VG is much thicker in viscosity, therefore, high VG juices tend to not wick properly in standard atomizers. We suggest you choose 50/50 to start, until finding the right mix for your preferences.

How much nicotine should I choose?

We offer anywhere between 0% up to 2.4% nicotine—obviously, 2.4% being the highest concentration. Some new vapers start at 2.4% thinking that they need that much, but then find that they do better at lower amounts. We suggest you try a more modest approach: If you smoke over a pack a day, 1.8% could be enough. If you smoke less, .8% or 1.2% may suit you just fine. We'd rather you start lower, and then if it's not enough, raise your nic strength. It's better to take in too little than too much.

Still have questions?

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